Four Types of Specialty Windows to Enhance Your Home

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Specialty windows come in a variety of shapes and styles that aren’t as common as the standard rectangular or square windows found in most homes. These windows are made to add architectural beauty and interest or serve a specific purpose to meet the needs and tastes of homeowners.

Four Types of Specialty Windows to Enhance Your Home

At Forever Windows, we offer a wide range of specialty windows meet your precise needs. Consider the most common specialty windows below, and then contact our team to see which options would best suit your design preferences.

  • Round Windows. Round or circular windows usually look like a full circle or a half circle. They can add a playful or elegant touch to the design of a building. They are often used as accent windows or placed in entryways or gable ends.
  • Arched Windows. Arched windows are rounded at the very top of the window, bent into a full or partial arch. They are often used in older homes, offering a classically beautiful look.
  • Bay and Bow Windows. Bay and bow windows stick out from the wall to create a small nook. Most bay windows have three sections to create a rectangular protrusion, but bow windows have more windows to create a more gradual bend. Both options can expand your living space inside and offer a wider view of the outdoors.
  • Clerestory Windows. Clerestory windows are usually narrow, straight windows that are placed high up on a wall. They let in natural light while allowing you to keep your privacy.

Specialty windows can make a big difference in how your home looks and feels. When choosing these types of windows, our team can review energy efficiency, materials, and maintenance needs to ensure you get the best fit.