Four Advantages of Choosing Our Team at Forever Windows [infographic]

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Whether you have cheap replacement windows or the windows that are original to your home that was built decades ago, you are probably paying anywhere from 25% to 40% more for your energy bills than you should be. Not to mention, old windows often look “foggy”, they are drafty, and they don’t open or close properly. Old windows or even cheap replacement windows are easy to break and provide little to no security for your home. If you have windows that aren’t energy efficient, you are already wasting too much money on your windows.

Four Advantages of Choosing Our Team at Forever Windows

If you install Forever Windows, your energy savings each month could offset the cost of your new windows. Here at Forever Windows we have the strongest built and most energy efficient windows in its class. Most importantly our windows are better quality and more affordable than most of our competitors. If you want replacement windows that will make your home safer and much more energy efficient than our team at Forever Windows is here to help.

  1. Lifetime Guarantee – Almost all window companies only provide a limited lifetime warranty on their windows. This means there are things in the fine print that can void or nullify your warranty. When you work with us, you will have total peace of mind that every aspect of your windows, including installation, is covered for the rest of your life. No hidden expenses like trip fees or service charges. This is fully transferable to the next homeowner as well.
  2. Unmatched Expertise – We have over two decades of experience in the home improvement and window replacement industry. Many of the replacement windows being installed today have problems that can be attributed to poor installation. This is why we not only warranty our windows, but we warranty our workmanship as well.
  3. Nearly Unbreakable Glass – Our glass is 100% proprietary to Forever Windows. It is strong enough to stop a bowling ball impact, and we can drive a car on the glass without it breaking. Just think how much safer you will feel with windows like this protecting you and your family.
  4. One-Year Quote – With most companies, you are pressured into making a quick decision. Here at Forever Windows, we give everyone an absolutely free estimate that’s good for an entire year. So if you just want to know how much replacement windows would be, you can do so and have up to a year to purchase at a guaranteed price.

When the time comes that you are considering replacement windows and want a product that will make your home safer and more energy efficient, has a true lifetime guarantee, and a price that’s good for a year, reach out to our team to get started!