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Forever Windows — Home of the True Lifetime Guarantee

After more than 20 years in the home improvement industry, we have found that most of the lifetime warranties provided in this industry were preceded by one common word, “Limited”.

After taking a closer look at many of the limited lifetime warranties in the window replacement industry, we have found there were a lot of loopholes that left customers out in the cold.

This is why Forever Windows provides a true lifetime warranty that includes all materials and labor. There are no loopholes or fine print. The only things that our warranty does not cover are tragedies that are reasonably unforeseeable to Forever Windows.

Decades of Transforming Homes in the Mooresville, North Carolina Region!

We absolutely love and appreciate our dedicated employees. We understand that there are many places for people to work, and it seems that everyone is hiring. We are grateful that our employees have chosen to work for us. All of our employees sign a “Customer Service Pledge” which is as follows:

“I (Name of Employee) pledge to provide exceptional customer service at all times while representing Forever Windows. I attest that regardless of how I may be treated or talked to by anyone, I will remain calm, courteous, and professional. Most importantly, I understand that every person everywhere deserves respect, courteousness, and kindness. This pledge also extends to any time that I am wearing company clothing on or off the clock. I fully understand that failure to honor this pledge may result in immediate termination.”

If honesty, integrity and quality are all important to you, call us today at 980-434-5347 .

Why Choose Forever Windows?

This is a picture of our owner, Donald Frost, on a ladder 20 feet up inspecting the installation of our windows.

Donald Frost

Quality products are only as good as the quality of installation, and he takes this part of the business personally. We don’t think there are many owners out there who are willing to climb ladders and visit almost every jobsite. He also tries to meet each and every customer and personally thank them for their business. That commitment to excellence is just one of the many things that makes Forever Windows so distinctly different from other window companies.

As you look around this site, and especially if you choose Forever Windows for your window or siding project, you will find three principles that truly reflect our company’s commitment to excellence:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Quality

You will find these three values in everything we do.


When the owner of Forever Windows (Donald) decided to open this business, he had to choose between selling poor-quality products with a questionable warranty for a quick profit and selling a quality product with an unbeatable warranty, creating happy customers for life. He realized that millions of people were buying cheap replacement windows and vinyl siding that had little to no warranty because they didn’t realize that a quality option was available at an affordable price!

You do not have to sacrifice quality to get an affordable window – and we are dedicated to letting people know they don’t have to settle for poor-quality replacement windows designed to last only a few years before the glass starts fogging up and the frame and locks start to fail.

You don’t have to settle for cheap vinyl siding either—the kind that chalks up, warps/dents easily, or is blown off in a windstorm. There are better quality options at a reasonable price.

Forever Windows not only gives you a free, no-obligation estimate, but we also educate customers on what to look for and what to watch out for when choosing the right replacement window or vinyl siding. We take the time to inspect each and every window, as well as the current condition of the exterior of their home. We will provide a to-the-penny price that’s good for an entire year. No gimmicks or games—just a reasonable price for a quality permanent solution.


Forever Windows offers the highest-quality products at a much lower price than all the big-name corporations. We can do that because we are a local, family-owned and operated business. We go above and beyond to make each and every customer happy. After more than 20 years in this business, Forever Windows has never once been a part of an unresolved complaint. Any company can make a mistake, but the integrity of a company is determined by what they are willing to do to make it right. Here at Forever Windows, nothing is more important than customer satisfaction. We are grateful for the referrals from our previous customers! A lot of our business comes from the recommendations of our satisfied customers.

We realize that to keep prices down, we need to provide a window that comes straight from our factory and directly to you!

As a proud American and United States Navy Veteran, the owner of Forever Windows, Don Frost, was focused on providing a quality window made with products and materials made in the U.S.A. Our factory is located in Pennsylvania, and that is not going to change. With the steadily rising costs of materials, other window companies may be tempted to use inferior products from overseas, but Forever Windows is forever dedicated to supporting businesses right here at home.

We realize that we could sell cheaper, inferior products and could probably “get by” with using sub-standard installers to install our products (which would make us more money), but it’s more important that Forever Windows have a company that’s committed to selling and installing products that are truly a permanent solution. Focusing on top-quality products and hiring great installers who have the knowledge, experience and craftsmanship to do it right the first time is simply a winning combination that makes customers happy not just when we are first done, but for many years to come.

We are not a high-pressure sales company, and we don’t just give you a “guesstimate”—we give you a to-the-penny price that is valid for an entire year. Even if you need time to plan your project or you would like to get another estimate from another company for comparison, that is alright with us! If you would like to know how much it would cost for your replacement windows or vinyl siding but are not sure if now is the right time, we can leave you with an estimate that’s valid for 12 months.

When it comes to warranty, we have the best in the business. Most companies have a limited lifetime warranty that’s several pages long and full of fine print explaining carefully all the limitations of the warranty. We at Forever Windows provide our customers with a true double lifetime guarantee. Our guarantee covers all materials and labor and is transferable to the next homeowner. This is achievable because Forever Windows only sells and installs the best-quality windows and siding using some of the best installers in the industry. When things are made right to begin with and installed properly, a warranty like ours is easy to provide.


During his decades in the home remodeling industry, Don worked tirelessly to refine that idea. He didn’t just want to make a better product, but he also wanted a better experience for the customer! What he came up with was Forever Windows. A new approach to every facet of the job.

We started offering free estimates that were good for an entire year. We are not pressuring people into anything. That’s not how we like to be treated, so it’s not how we are going to treat you. We also came up with the Double Lifetime Guarantee mentioned above. In our opinion, a warranty like that is the greatest testament to quality.

Also, if you enjoy being around fun people, Forever Windows is hiring too!

Forever Windows Means Forever

Our employees are proud to represent our company whether they are on the clock or off. We hold them to the highest standards because we want to make sure you have the experience of a lifetime. We are proud of what we have created, and we know you will feel just as good when you work with us.

If honesty, integrity and quality are important to you, call us today at (980) 434-5347!